What is Hospice?

Hospice is a special way of caring for people who are terminally ill, and for their families.

A common misconception about hospice is that hospice is a place where people go to die. The modern hospice is not a place, but a program that provides a bundle of services to the terminally ill and their families. Hospice services are provided to patients at any location they call home, whether it is in the patient’s actual home, nursing facility, a board and care home, assisted living facility or at any other place of residence.

Hospice meets the patient and family wherever they are in the disease process and adjusts its services to the patient’s and family’s needs. While family involvement is encouraged, it is not required. Hospice does not impose its array of services, but instead allows the patient and family to customize services as needed.

Hospice offers benefits that other types of health care services may not and hospice encourages family involvement in the care of a loved one and in the decision making process.

Medical equipment, supplies and medications needed for the comfort of the patient are covered by the hospice program.